Happy Daze Festivals vision is to create a unique and diverse sustainability driven, eco-conscious music, arts and lifestyle. We invite you to join us in creating and providing a safe, eco-friendly place where you are guarenteed to have an unforgettable experience. We will entice you with our unique blend of music, workshops, activities, performances, art, market stalls and mouth-watering food on offer. We create a space full of colour and amazing decor where 2000 people from all over Australia and the world can come together and enjoy themselves in a safe and harmonious environment. 

We pride ourself on being a family friendly festival. We offer a kid’s space at the back of the dancefloor as well as workshops to keep the kids entertained throughout the festival. Our Family Camping Area will ensure all of the family festival goers will be able to unwind away from the main sound system and will be able to interact will fellow families when they feel the need. There are a number of workshops each day that bring patrons together to engage in conversations and hands on workshops of interest to them. 

Happy Daze offers a variety of music genres to keep all the festival goers interested and entertained. We aim to give our patrions a truly magical experience and create a space where people from all paths of life can come together and escape the pressures in our day to day lives and connect with like-minded people, in a safe and truly awe inspiring natural environment, set in a beautiful location under the clear blue sky and next to a beautiful river. 

The festival offers a vast range of creative activities, from dance, theatre discussion, conscious sound and the latest healing modalities to provide a place for growth and personal wellbeing. In an increasingly fast and demanding world the festival is created to provide a place to nurture oneself, communicate ideas, find personal power and increase wellbeing through a variety of multi concurrent holistic activities designed to expand the mind, awaken the spirit and heal the soul.


We have workshops that create a platform to discuss various ecological, sustainability and environmental issues along side many more that are designed to keep festival goers entertained and engaged. These workshops play a significant part in the learning process and education of all attendees. Because of this, proactive initiatives can be adopted throughout the event industry as a whole to ensure that this learning resonates with the festival attendee and gets taken on board to its full potential.


Throughout the weekend there will a wide range of music on offer. These will include Live bands, progressive trance, electro, house, breaks, dub, glitch and ambient, featuring some of the freshest acts from around the world alongside Australia’s finest talent.


There will be a range of performances throughout the duration of the festival –Including Fire Performances, Bike Juggling Performances, Live Art, Hula Hooping and amazing light shows.


There will be a range of market stall offering a selection of amazing food that is set to impress your taste buds and a wide variety of unquie handmade stalls that will keep you entranced as you make your way to the dancefloor.


We offer a kidspace, workshops and family caping area for our family festival goers :)


At night, the stage will light up with projections from the country’s most talented visual artists. 


There will be a range of Décor installations from international, local and interstate artists that are bound to make you walk away with an unforgettable experience.


Follow the bridge to find the Art Dome which showcases artists from all over Australian and the world. They create unique original and printed artworks and pieces that are displayed and available for purchase. In this space you will often have the oportunty to interact with the artist themselves and become familiar with the pieces. 

As always pixies, this years festivall will hold more surprises andis guarenteed to leave you feeling refreshed, revived and ready to face the fast paced world that awaits you! 

See you soon :)

Big Love 

Happy Daze Team