Evil Oil Man

Evil Oil Man

Matthew Swain, aka Evil Oil man is a International music producer from the South East of England UK Essex. He has been an active label artist on Zenon records since 2012 and is known for his diverse range of styles and genres. 


The Evil Oil Man sound consists of deep driving baselines, futuristic psychedelic textures, and is always weighted by world music rhythms, melodies and percussions. The journey of the Evil Oil Man experience is designed not necessarily to fit any average formula but to challenge the audience by merging many sub genres such as techno, psytrance , psy-tech , dark progressive, and bass music. This fusion creates a dynamic journey for the listener, the DJ, or the dance floor. 


His sound has been grooving dance floors all over the world. With tours along the East coast of Australia, Brazil, and 

all across Europe and America. Evil Oil Man has been performing at festivals such as Maitreya festival , Ozora festival, Lost theory, Boom festival, Utopia Landing, Earth frequency, Universo Paralello, Ometeotl festival,

Progressive with DM7, Hadra festival, Shankra festival, Momento demento, Symbiosis Gathering, Ziohm Open Air Brazil , Eco tribe Brazil , Eco Logic Brazil and many more. 


In 2018 Evil Oil Man released his second full feature 15 track album with Zenon records which is an amalgamation of many different styled tracks from psytrance to techno to bass music to dark progressive. Alongside an Ace Ventura & Vini Vici remix “The Calling “,  Staunch & Beat Fatigue - The Low down Remix with his brother Dirty Hippy and and handful of other various tracks 2018 was an exciting year of new music for Evil Oil Man. 


In 2019 expect a whole new body of work from Evil Oil Man to swan dive into your ears 


Currently baking in the Oven we have …


Earthy Prism’s vol 3 with Dirty Hippy  - Zenon records 

Evil Oil Man & Rhaksha - Bass works 

Colaborations - with Kilpson & Rinkadink & Zenon records team

Remix’s with Breger