Kombi Dalts

My Wife (Fon), her family and myself, make handmade traditional Thai Braided all-weather necklaces, bracelets and anklets, featuring handcrafted bone pendants, which are finished off with Indian painted glass and handcrafted bone beads.

This Thai Technique of braiding has been taught to us by my Wife’s Uncle, who’s role in the Village in Northern Thailand, is to take blessed copper and brass impressions of Buddha and Revered Monks and encase them in a tightly woven braided surround. These blessed pendants are a stunning piece of craftsmanship and we have found them to be as equally captivating to our customers here in Australia, as they are to our family and friends in Thailand. 

We also make some unique one-off pieces from the rare Nepalese Buddha Chita seed. These seeds are what traditionally form the Tibetan Monk’s Prayer Mala. We take one seed with a very distinct natural ‘eye’ and using this Traditional Thai Braiding technique, we encase the Chita seed in a tightly woven basket, so as it too, can be worn as a pendant with one of our handmade necklaces.

The Technique we use to make our Jewellery is traditional, and with permission from the elder villagers, we have adapted the techniques being taught to us, to make and create our jewellery range.

We make our jewellery using the highest quality wax coated cotton, which is  water resistant.  Our necklaces are created from four to six stands of this material.  This combined with the tightness of our Braid and the techniques taught to us, is why we have found our stall and product to be very popular amongst the festival, outdoors & beach-going folk alike. Our jewellery is uniquely handmade by us. It’s hard wearing, stylish and ‘the real deal’. Most importantly, it’s not mass-produced; just ask my Wife…. Fon will more that happy show you her calloused fingers and chew your ear off about how long it takes to create.. Haha

We also offer a variety of clothing, particularly festive dance and movement pants. Which we love to refer to as our Kasual Kombi Klothing range.  We have worked very hard over the last year to increase our production of our own range of Movement & Freedom Pants.  The material we buy is now made into several different styles, all based around the concept of a cool and free pants. 

As we attend over Twenty Festivals a year, we have mainly focussed on creating  comfortable pants, which are great to wear all day and especially good to dance and move in. Our pants our of our Kombi Dalts label and are made by our Family and Friends in Northern Thailand.  None of our pants are bought ‘off the street’, they are double stitched, cut well and certainly tried and tested by us. We wear our own clothing brand day in day out, everyday of the year; not just at a Festivals.