Magic Mixes Elixer Bar

Magic Mixes make feel good Elixirs with freshly brewed tea, locally sourced organic fruits and our hand-
made high quality herbal extracts that boost energy, release anxiety & increase vitality!
Our vision is to awaken + activate people about the powerful benefits of herbal medicine used both recreationally & and therapeutically!

We have been bringing our herbal tonics to festivals around Australia for the last 4 years and we believe we provide a healthy sustainable product that enhances your festival experience.

Our medicinal plant extracts-

➢ Boost Serotonin & Dopamine

➢ Enhance mood & vitality
➢ Relieve Stress/Anxiety
➢ Help Colds & Flus
➢ Increase Energy
➢ Recovery of Hangovers
➢ Ease sore muscles
➢ Release Bliss chemicals
➢ Aid in digestion
➢ Lower blood sugar & cholestrol levels